Kenneth Lee
Designer . Photographer . Illustrator

About Me

Kenneth Lee is a Singaporean self-taught freelance photographer born in 1988.

Most of his work are birth forth from helping various people and mainly driven by a passion to meeting other people's needs.
That brings him to various working opportunities that have a fair share of photography or design related jobs and public relational related jobs.

He currently works in Singapore as a freelance photographer and illustrator. Prior to graduating from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore,
he had worked as a door to door ice cream sales man, a high school assistant basketball coach,
event coordinator, entertainer, media consultant, and a coffeeshop cashier.


2005 Ordinary Level (Bedok North Secondary, Singapore)
2010 Diploma in Visual Communication (Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore)



Atelier Sango Workshop, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, April 2010

Travel Light Photography, City College, Singapore, 29 Jan 2009

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